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Peeled back

Come home darlin'
Come home quickly

So its a Thursday night around here and I checked this devil thing to see what I had been missing. Not much apparently. Just a lot of teh same old thing, which is semi appreciated. The less change the easier to come back to??? Its really weird to admit I live here now, I dont really want to admit it. I just think of it as some cruel extended vacation. Actually its like Harry Potter and the Odyssey collided. Well thats also me rambling. Um around here...Im doing fairly well in all of my classes, my dorm room isnt just white walls, and Im on teh soccer team and on crew. There are still quite a few things missing though. One but I realized is I cant really get close with teh people here. It took me a long time to get connected with people, or it was just meant to be.. here I dont forsee those types of connections. Its more like Im stuck so I dont wanna be alone. If I had the balls to do it Id go it alone but Im a pansy. Or so Ive concluded. Ive taken up drawing and painting and all taht in my spare time. I really liek charcoal. I think it has a nice texture. I also really liek teh Cantebury Tales, or just my english class. I dunno. I have finals coming up.. exciting, no??? I dunno. you are missed.

sing some mexican love songs
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