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Residential Life

Be good,
and try not to fuck it up.

Good rule to go with. Well, that rule and damn the man. Schools fine, interesting weekend. Spent the night at the Gill's(?) house friday night and got IHOP, which I havent had since Houston. Then Saturday roommates dance/16th Birthday party. It was interesting at least. Then I played tennis... Chapel was miserable but theres nothing to be done about that. Just complain a little. Im falling behind with that whole work ethic. I had it for awhile and then lost it in one fatal swoop, I like to call Christmas Break. Time to get back on track? I think so. Soccer game tomorrow...woo! Can't wait for track season, yay! Such a long ways aways. I think i turn 16 in about a month. Actually exactly a month. To the day. Sixteen will be odd. Nothing special. I think its on a Wednesday and its not like I can get a liscence or anything. So what anohter year! Oh boy! Maybe Ill get something good, liek a light saver or a boat...or a light saver armed boat??? Yeah we'll see how that goes.

I wish everyone the best day/month/year possible. Even if I dont talk to you anymore. I regret it Im sure.
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i know
16 is only awesome when you get a liscence
and i didnt
so it pretty much sucks

WAIT you mean a light-saber or life-saver bc you kinda mixed the two
i stand by what i said

but i meant the light saber
hello sophie. i have a lightsaber actually.
Image hosting by TinyPic

meh haven't talk to you in foreva just wanted to drop by and say hello
hello the non talking wasnt my preferance
your lightsaber is pretty sweet but its been out dated
it is now old school
they have these really intense ones taht light up and make woosh noises i had a battle in best buy
i suggest you experience the best buy ones. theyre worth teh trip
norah says hello and wyn
psh believe me mine makes woosh noises too! i'm pretty sure joe used it at my house on sunday and they were all messing with it. it's pretty coooooool
my brother is a loser and bought it. i'm pretty sure they're like 250 bucks which is so not worth it.
i care to disagree a lightsaber serves so many purposes
you can cary it with you sorta...youre brothers cool