whowasiwith (whowasiwith) wrote,

800 miles is a drive

Back in Houston still, I go to teh retard school St Stephens which is kinda gay but w/e. Still dont have a fuckin lisence and thats just pissing me off what its gonna be liek 2 years now cmon this is patehtic...grr... ive been going to the gym like every day and its a weird new thing but very addicting i must say...schools eh not bad...its weird that this is liek my 3rd school ikeep changing groups and its throwing me off im liek the highschooler w/o a highschooler the mystery kid if you will remember her from middleschool what happend? psh i dunno weirdddd ... everyone in houstons gonna be gone next year laura mike jordan dean lauren all those kids so thats gonna be weird too ive decided on half a year in spain and then who knows? board again? or stick around here
maybe ill have a fuckin lisence then
or a boat
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