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The Year 2006:
[P E O P L E]
1. Best friends? Ashley always and Laura the redhead
2. Best boyfriend/girlfriend? They kinda blew
3. Lost any friends? Yes
4. Gained any friends? Yes
5. Met a new bestfriend? You could say so still changing

[P L A C E S]
1. Went out of the country? nope
2. Moved? yes
3. New school? yes the other st stephens
5. Road trips? mainly austin and back

[Y O U]
1. Have you changed? Yes more ways than one
2. New look? not really wear girlier clothing someotimes not often, longer hair?
3. Any new additions? um not bangs but different cut
4. Biggest conflict this year? boarding school expulsion
5. Most depressed time this year? boarding school expulsion

[L O V E]
1. Did you fall in love? not yet
2. Did you get heartbroken? sorta not liek heart broken w/e
3. Who was your summer love? haha it wasnt love first summer fling greg
4. Favorite date? sucked

[S E A S O N S]
1. Favorite Season? Spring
2. Least favorite season? Winter
3. Good birthday? not really my mom was sweet though
4. Any snow this year? no
5. Highest temperature? 110F

[F I N A L Q U E S T I O N S]
Snuck out- yes
Met a person who will change your life- yes
Kept your resolution- yes
Got arrested- no some close calls
Had a first something- many
Drank Alcohol- yes
Smoked weed/drugs- yea
Did anything illegal- yes quite a few oddly enough
Had a crush- yes
Moved states- no
Got a myspace- no had on lol
Started a band- no
Spent over 1 million dollars- no
Went streaking- yes
Done something you shouldn't have- yes
Kept a secret- yes
Done something you totally regret- yes
Changed your view on things- yes
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