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_sophie the great_

ribbons of euphoria

okay, i have nothing to do today but smile and here i am
american football, anne, beegees, belle and sabastian, ben kweller, benny and joon, bloc party, blonde redhead, blue, blues brothers, blur, bob dylan, bob schneider, bottle rockets, breakfast at tiffanys, bright eyes, buena vista social club, built to spill, burberry britt, bush, cake, car rides to galveston, cars, cary brothers, cat stevens, caviar, charade, cold play, conair, cooking mmm, cranberries, cursive, death cab for cutie, dexy's midnight runners, diving, drawing, elefant, ella fitzgeralds, elliot smith, explosions in the sky, ferris beullers day off, fiona apple, garden state, gausford park, gold rush, gypsy kings, her space holiday, hot hot heat, interpol, iron and wine, janis joplin, john lee hooker, le tigre, led zepplin, life aquatic, m. ward, marcy's playground, mars volta, max, modest mouse, movies, muse, music, music jimi hendrix, my extensive vocabulary, my girl friday, new amsterdams, nick drake, night car rides, nirvana, north by northwest, nuetral milk hotel, office space, pedro the lion, phantom planet, pinback, pixies, pool, pool hall junkies, popeyes, postal service, potishhead, queen, reading, red hot chili peppers, reefer madness, remy zero, rolling stones, rufus wainwright, rushmore, sailing, santana, scuba, semisonic, shawshank redemption, sigur ros, sin city, singing in the rain, smashing pumpkins, some like it hot, sparkling horse, spoon, star fruit and pineapple, sublime, swimming, the apartment, the blob, the bravery, the buggles, the contours, the decemberists, the faint, the frames, the killers, the omen, the pod people, the royal tennenbaums, the sandlot, the shining, the shins, the three amigos, the unicorns, the walkmen, theivery corporation, them men, thermal shirts, thursday, tilly and the wall, to catch a theif, water skiing, whats eating gilbert grape, white circle, wilco, wizard of oz