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So you see Im waiting for an answer to come and apparently its going to come to me in the form of a sheep which is pretty ridiculous to say but im gonna wait anyways and hope it all works out...right...

not doing anything tonight because people are just outrightly silly
its okay i guess they have a right to be so, not really but you win some you lose some
hell im getting all the answers in a goddamn sheep
what do i have to complain about ?

i went swimming last night with laura and one day i will be able to drive her around hopefully by spring break itll work out....woohooo haha we get digits driving down kirby cause we are bigger than the beatles and bigger than breast implants(our song??)lol
then i had to wake up and go to a interview at west university pool and needless to say i felt retarded if i get that job it will be purely on manners or looks useless i couldnt save anyone im pretty sure id freeze or mess it up argh
and i definetly dont want teh soundwaves job soundwaves is gay tehonly thing i can do is wait and hope i can get a job somewhere else somewhere meant for me

i speak spanish

and i like it

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